New Individual Membership Form

Professionals who are affiliated with a dance-related organization are encouraged to join as an organization or affiliate member.

The Individual Member category is comprised of independent consultants, teaching artists, patrons of dance, and others who wish to keep up with the dance field through Dance/USA communications and events.

Membership Dues: $100/year

For more information on the benefits available to you as an Individual member, please visit the “Categories & Benefits” page on the Dance/USA website.


*The Dance/USA membership year runs from July 1 – June 30 (any given year). For new members joining in the middle of the member year, dues are prorated on a quarterly basis. Any payment(s) made on membership dues are non-refundable. 

*Members joining in the fourth quarter of the member year (April 1 – June 30) will be billed for the final quarter of the current member year and the entire following member year at checkout.